Recipe: Perfect Potato cheez paratha #ramadan

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Potato cheez paratha #ramadan. How to make potato cheese paratha simple,easy and delicious potato cheese paratha recipie. Put the mashed potatoes, coriander and cumin powders, cumin seeds, turmeric, chili powder, salt to taste, chopped fresh coriander and grated ginger into a large mixing bowl. Cheese + potatoes make our heart sing.

Potato cheez paratha #ramadan The aloo paratha is a flatbread stuffed with a spicy potato mix that is served warm with a dollop of If you find yourself in the North of India, the paratha will find you. Mainly at breakfast time, but not only. Easy Cheese Paratha Recipe: Step by Step Cheese Paratha Recipe, Tips to make Though Cheese Paratha is not that popular, but it is something that you can easily prepare in the comfort of your home. You make ready baking brown Potato cheez paratha #ramadan working 9 ingredients as well as 2 so. Here you go bring about.

compound of Potato cheez paratha #ramadan

  1. Prepare 2 of Potato.
  2. It's to taste of Red chilli.
  3. Prepare to taste of Salt.
  4. It's to taste of Cheez.
  5. You need to taste of Green chilli.
  6. It's 2 pinch of Cumin powder.
  7. Prepare 2 pinch of Black paper.
  8. Prepare 5 leaf of Spanich.
  9. It's 1 of Spring onion.

Aloo Palak Ka Paratha, a flat bread with a potato spinach stuffing. This paratha is a perfect breakfast treat for the family and friends. Aloo Palak ka Paratha also makes a good lunch box meal to. Paneer Paratha is an Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour and cottage cheese stuffing.

Potato cheez paratha #ramadan one at a time

  1. Boiled tha potato mix all ingredients in potato and make a paratha two. Small douge fill inside cover with second paratha and dust flour on counter then roll a paratha when is cook few second add oil on top and cook then cook tha other side cook on high flame then its crispy low flame is going to soft is up to you.
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Paneer paratha is one of the many popular paratha varieties from Punjab. Its an all time favorite. "Paratha" - is a delicious flat bread that has its origin in the Indian subcontinent specially in the Paratha or flat bread is made by baking whole wheat dough on tava. Paratha, paraunthi, palata, porota, forota, farata, parontay Palak paratha (spinach). Paneer paratha (stuffed with cottage cheese). Making paneer paratha is like making any other paratha.