Recipe: Delicious Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut

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Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut. Bake until pudding is puffy all over and golden. Sauce-- In a saucepot over med. heat, melt the butter, and brown sugar. Bring to a boil, and remove from the heat.

Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut One of my favorite recipes to make with my kids is bread pudding. They love to measure and pour and stir, and when they get to scoop up the soaked pieces of bread, they get giddy over the fun of making a big mess. Great recipe for Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut. You make steeping roast Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut working 5 receipt moreover 6 also. Here you are fulfill.

program of Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut

  1. Prepare 8 slices of bread (I used a seeded granary bread).
  2. Prepare 4 of heaped Tbls mincemeat (I bought mine after Xmas for 30p!).
  3. Prepare 1 of egg, beaten.
  4. You need 450 ml of black tea (I used 3 tea bags).
  5. You need of Sugar (to sprinkle at the end).

One of my aunt's (whose not much of a cook) has mentioned wanting bread pudding on numerous occasions. So I finally took the hint and searched for a recipe. I came across one, which I spontaneously adapted last minute, and is very straight. Just like Granny made it, you'll love this classic Old Fashioned Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce recipe!

Old fashioned bread pudding, shortcut instructions

  1. Brew tea bags in 450ml boiling water and allow to cool..
  2. Break up bread. Place in baking dish. Add tea. Mix well. Allow to sit for 10 minutes..
  3. Finally add egg and mincemeat and stir thoroughly. Spread out smoothly..
  4. Bake in preheated oven at 175°c for about 35 minutes..
  5. Once out of the oven, sprinkle with sugar, allow to cool and cut into portions..
  6. Enjoy with a nice cup of tea..

This warm and comforting recipe is best served any time of the year with your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream. Filled with the sweet flavors of vanilla, freshly ground nutmeg, plump raisins, and sugar, this recipe is the perfect way to end any meal. Bread pudding is indeed an old-fashioned dessert, a comforting way to use up stale bread. Any type of bread makes a neutral base for a flavorful custard; use day-old sliced whole-wheat, raisin or sourdough. Chewy dried fruit adds a contrasting texture to the tender softness of the pudding.