Recipe: Perfect Makki Di Roti (punjabi corn bread)

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Makki Di Roti (punjabi corn bread). Makki Di Roti is a Corn Flour or Maize Flour Bread made espcially in winters and best served with Sarson Ka Saag (Mustard leaf mash). A typical Punjabi meal with consist of roti, daal, yogurt and curried vegetable. Many Punjabi eat rice very infrequently and only on special occasions.

Makki Di Roti (punjabi corn bread) So Makki roti has been a recipe passed down from generation to generation. And over time it has also been changed. Our version went through its change. You transact boiling fry Makki Di Roti (punjabi corn bread) accepting 4 program moreover 4 furthermore. Here you go arrive.

ingredients of Makki Di Roti (punjabi corn bread)

  1. Prepare 250 g of Makki Atta.
  2. You need of Hot water (enough to make a thick dough).
  3. Prepare to taste of Salt.
  4. It's of Ghee.

LOL. so we wanted to show you something. Stuffed Makki ki Roti is North Indian Punjabi special bread which is usually made in winter months. Makki ki roti is made with corn flour. Stuffed makki ki roti is an innovative healthy recipe.

Makki Di Roti (punjabi corn bread) method

  1. Add the atta to a bowl, add salt to taste and hot water little by little until you have a soft dough, knead very well for 5-7 minutes using the lower palm of you hand..
  2. When the atta is soft and well combined, take a golf ball size piece of the dough, and using your hand shape it until it forms a circle.
  3. Then place on a grinder tawa turning until cooked, finally using some tongs hold the roti over a gas flame turning until it has browned..
  4. Smoother with ghee and serve hot.

Traditionally make ki roti is prepared by flattening a dough ball into round shape by repeatedly pressing it in-between palms in a thumping motion and then baked on hot tawa. Makki Di Roti (Punjabi Corn Flour Bread). Another variation to plane and muli roti u can also make methi wali makki di roti, we use to eat it for breakfast ( of course with lot of Makhan on it ) Using ziplock bag is a great idea, i am going to try it also. Thanks a lot for wonderful video. Makki ki roti recipe with step by step photos.