Recipe: Delicious Potato waffles and bacon

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Potato waffles and bacon. I like to garnish these great potato waffles with sour cream and chives, or even a simple cheese sauce. My mother used to sprinkle them with a touch of sugar. Bake in a preheated waffle iron according to manufacturer's directions until golden brown.

Potato waffles and bacon These potato waffles are a wonderful brunch recipe that's sure to impress your guests. Serve them simply topped with sour cream and chives, or fully loaded with bacon and green onions. Repurpose your leftover mashed potatoes as crispy waffles topped with fried eggs in this breakfast of champions. You engage in toasting steep Potato waffles and bacon applying 4 method furthermore 3 also. Here you are manage.

compound of Potato waffles and bacon

  1. It's of potato waffles.
  2. It's of Bacon.
  3. Prepare of Ketchup.
  4. You need of Butter.

These savory Bacon Cheddar Waffles are a recipe I first tasted at an event hosted by Chef Josh Capon, and I got the recipe to share with you. They're mighty delicious and dare I say better than a sweet waffle! While I definitely enjoy a sweet waffle with butter and maple syrup, I like savory waffles. Making mashed potato waffles from scratch is easy - you can use leftover mashed potatoes.

Potato waffles and bacon program

  1. Put your potato waffles in the toaster yes toaster! For 10 to 15 mins until golden brown.
  2. Fry your bacon in butter, butter always tastes better..
  3. Add the waffles to the plate and add the bacon on then add ketchup. You can even add beans if you wanted to..

Serve them for breakfast or brunch with your favorite toppings. How to make mashed potato waffles. Peel three large Rooster potatoes and then cut into smaller. When the texture is nicely creamy, remove from heat and add the Birds Eye Garden Peas and the cooked bacon, cut into thin strips. Make another layer of Birds Eye Potato Waffles and top with the rest of the mix and the cheese.