Recipe: Yummy Strawberry and banana crepes

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Strawberry and banana crepes. My family often has company over for breakfast or brunch, and these light fruit-topped crepes are our favorite. The sweet sensations are as fast to make as they are fabulous. You can cook the crepes the night before, refrigerate them with waxed paper in between, then fill and.

Strawberry and banana crepes Stack crepes between layers of wax paper or paper towels to prevent sticking. Strawberry Banana Crepes recipe: Great breakfast crepes with fresh fruit and yogurt. -After a minute or so, the edges will start to brown, which means the crepe is ready to take off. -Slice bannanas and strawberries and put them in the crepes. These Strawberry Banana Dessert Crepes make a delightful addition to any breakfast or brunch menu, but you can also serve them for dessert! You transact steeping parch Strawberry and banana crepes accepting 8 receipt than 4 furthermore. Here you are consummate.

compound of Strawberry and banana crepes

  1. It's of wheat flavor.
  2. Prepare of bananas.
  3. It's of strawberries.
  4. You need of milk.
  5. Prepare of egg.
  6. It's of Nutella.
  7. You need of co cheese.
  8. It's of butter.

If you have never made crepes before, don't be scared! Basically you are just making really thin pancakes. Spread a few tablespoons of Nutella over one side of each crepe. Evenly place a few tablespoons of sliced strawberries and bananas on top of the Nutella.

Strawberry and banana crepes step by step

  1. In a bowl, mix the wheat flour with the milk and the melted butter. If you want, you can add a little salt, but it's not necessary..
  2. Roast in a pan for at least 3 minutes on each side. You can add a little butter..
  3. Wash the strawberries and with the banana and the cheese chop them into a small pieces..
  4. When the creps are done, spread the nutella on each one, and finally add the other ingredients, you can wrap the creps or serve as in the photo. Enjoy a sweet snack..

Add eggs and beat until smooth. Strawberry Banana, sometimes known as Strawnana for short, is an indica developed by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. Known for its heavy resin production and high-THC content, Strawberry Banana produces happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory. Description: At Magic Pan, you'll find both sweet and savory crepes wrapped, rolled or folded around a broad range of delectable fillings. These raw, vegan strawberry banana crepes are nutritious and delicious.